2017 Wedding Trends

Wedding trends are constantly changing, evolving and starting anew. Enchant your guests and leave a lasting impression by incorporating my recommended new trends for 2017 brides.

Metallic Color Themes
A mix of metallic hues and whites top the palette charts of 2017. Softer, brushed metallic colours from bright white to gunmetal grey accents will totally help to achieve those “contemporary yet city hip vibes”. Combine this colour palate with an industrial and modern touches for a fashionable yet classy look.

Personalisation is becoming more and more crucial as couples realise their wedding is a celebration of their life together. Couples are marking their special day by putting their own unique touches on classic traditions and wanting to create cherished printed keepsakes for their guests. I have seen a rise in creating one-of-a-kind custom monograms and illustrations for couples that is seamlessly transitioned across their entire wedding suite from invitations, personalised menus, seating charts, websites, favours, programs and guest books.

Small, Intimate Guests Lists
There seems to be a move away from large wedding parties to a more intimate, smaller guest list. Couples are having weddings with just family and close friends. Big receptions are being replaced with dinner parties. I have had a handful of weddings this year that are 60 guests or less.

Showcase Culinary Heritage
From organic to local cuisine, mini bites to food trucks, and now we have arrived at a new culinary adventure. The popularity of young foodies” in Melbourne with a passion for cooking, fine dining and quality food and produce, means couples are wanting more choices and options to create custom menus tailored to their special day. I have seen more couples choosing to highlight their heritage through their menu choices during their wedding. We’re starting to see whole menus built around the food that resonates with the bride and groom’s upbringing. 

Macramé backdrops
This Etsy-fuelled craft has become popular this year, where brides have been using them to add a boho luxe flavour to altars, dining rooms and photo areas.

Incorporate Paper
Incorporating paper into your wedding day is quickly growing in popularity. Paper flowers, paper decor, paper props, table settings embellished with paper and sweet presentations can be incorporated into your big-day décor and used as a way to preserve special wedding “memory moments”

Live-Stream Your Wedding
Planning a wedding can be a big job, so i’m always on the lookout for tools to help make the process more streamlined and fun. With a little technology and some organization, your loved ones can be with you on that special day by live streaming your wedding. Facebook Live is a new, interactive way to live-stream your wedding so they can still share in your joy. They can watch the entire ceremony, first dance, and cake-cutting as they unfold, or view the footage at a later time, since it’ll be stored permanently on your Facebook page. You can also use Skype, Face Time, Google+ Hangout).